Monday, September 21, 2009

The Little Adventuress - sold

Inspired by the steampunk genre: a fantastical idea of a victorian era, clockworks, steampowered mechanisms, machinery held together by pipes, whirring and whizzing and whistling contraptions, and adventure.

This design by Orchid captures the ideals of a free spirit, and a young curious thirst for the unknown.
This set is not so much a costume as a realisation for an imaginative mind, an outfit ready for an adventure.
The Little Adventuress

The Little Adventuress
Leather Overskirt and Vest
Layered Underskirt
Shift style Underdress
Lace Bib
Sheer Journey Tights

for the curious and free



  1. so amazing, i love it, of course!! ♥

  2. darling annina,

    we cannot wait to see your beautiful girl try it on for the first time : )


    ♥ ~Orchid & Fern (and me)

  3. we wanted to follow up and post a link to the pictures of Iðunn in this exquisite original design by Orchid (for anyone looking at this blog who is curious to follow the couture to the new owner), here they are:

    ~Annina and Iðunn

  4. we're very happy to see your beautiful Iðunn enjoying herself so! She's really fallen into character, I think you'll have to keep a close eye on her so she doesn't go wandering off!!!

    ~ xx orchid (& me)


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