Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Midnight Serenade

The Midnight Serenade is a sensitive gown for the doll who likes to gaze at the inky night sky, littered with stars. For the doll who reads poems by moonlight and listens to softly sung ballads in the garden beyond.

The gown is comprised of silky silvery satin with black net and lace, a lace-up back and low drop add sensuality, intensified by the lace-covered bodice with its tantalisingly open neckline.

Will fit both resin and porcelain Enchanted Dolls.


Please email info@orchidsdesigns.com to purchase or for more information
remember to include "orchid" in the subject title

Collection for Lightpainted Doll

Orchid's Designs is delighted to announce our first collaboration! Orchid's Designs and Lightpainted Doll teamed up to bring to life a very limited edition of OOAK costumed dolls, exclusively unveiled at the Time of Dolls exhibition in St. Petersburg May 2013. 

Below are the six unique costumes, each inspired by a part of nature - insects, seasons, weather, elements - modelled by our tiny resin Lightpainted Doll.

Autumn Blaze

The Blue Beetle

La Magnolia

Custard and Cream

Stormy Night

Earth Spirit

It was our utmost pleasure to work on such a wonderful project, and we hope this is just the first for many collaborations with dollmakers to come. Pooling of talents and working together is something I am a big fan on, as are trade's and artistic collaborations - where each artist brings his or her own strength and expertise together to create something new and inspirational. I welcome ideas, commissions, and such collaborative projects!

To view the entire photoshoot please visit our facebook page
To inquire after any of these costumes, or an OOAK costumed doll, contact LightpaintedDoll

Monday, May 20, 2013

Little Shell frock for Pearl

For a Pearl of the Sea comes this divine little frock in shades of custard, cream and gold. Layers of organza, satin ribbon, silky lace and shreds of misty fabric are beaded heavily to create this tiny couture piece. 
The backless dress is secured with golden ribbon crossing over and tying tightly at her slim waist. The under-skirt is wired to shape freely into cascading forms reminiscent of shells, waves, and the undulating soft creatures inhabiting the sea floor.

This little frock will fit the resin Pearl and Asrai sculpts by BJTales.

Plum Petal for Mouse

A tiny dress for a tiny mouse. A petite organza skirt is topped by a small ruffle of silk sourced from the elite Parisian Mokuba - the fanciest ribbon and trim store in all the world. A small petticoat of eyelet cotton-lace preserves her dignity.

This little frock will fit the resin limited-edition colour variations of BJTales Mouse 
(White, Lilac and Tan so far)


Time of Dolls Exhibition is St Petersburg

We are pleased to announce that thirteen OOAK Orchid's Design creations are off to Russia to show with LightpaintedDoll and BJTales!! 

"Time of Dolls" exhibition in St Petersburg, May- June 2013. 

Участники выставки "Время Кукол №11"

My costumes will be adorning the BJTales dolls exhibited at the show by Lidia Snul, as well as 6 costumes specifically made for a range of OOAK costumed Lightpainted Dolls. It's been very busy in the studio getting so many new designs ready in time!

We also run a small printing business from home, and had the pleasure of working with both artists to produce business cards, fliers, promotional postcards, magnets and glossy photo prints for the exhibition. Here they are all wrapped up, like candy.

We will unveil the new range created for Lightpainted Doll and BJTales soon, in the meantime head to our facebook page for a sneaky peak!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tea Party Frock

Inspired by gorgeous vintage cuts and Sunday dresses, I will be making a few of these sweet "Tea Party" dresses using some delicate printed designer cottons from the famous Liberty store in London.

The first is this conservative Sunday dress for a shy Enchanted Doll who likes strawberry scones and two sugars in her tea. The printed cotton is from Liberty in London (a highly limited design print, there will only be two dresses made in this fabric, both slightly different in cut.) There is a white tulle underlay to give the skirt a little definition, and various shades of pink ribbon, as well as white lace at her hemline - which falls conservatively just above her knees.


email: info@orchidsdesigns.com
please include "orchid" in the subject line

Friday, May 17, 2013

Orchid's Designs on Facebook

We have an official page on facebook now! Rare behind the scenes snapshots and works in progress will be exclusively shared there... Liking and Following our page will also mean you will be the first to glimpse all new designs, before they make it to our website or blog - with acquiring our pieces it is first-come first-served, so don't miss out!

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Songbird

The songbird, prized for her enchanting and melodic voice is asked to perform again and again, taking listeners to far-away places, breaking hearts with her notes and weaving dreams with her words.

The latest couture creation from the House of Orchid's Designs has been hand-crafted to fit the exquisite new limited line of Resin Enchanted Dolls.
The Songbird design is a high-waisted skirt-frock with ruffles and Parisian trims in various shades of sleet and slate, and a voluminous shawl with tassels in a matching hue. A lace-up back ensures a skin-tight fit and ability to adjust for the slightly larger elite porcelain Enchanted Dolls.

The Songbird


New designs for Enchanted Dolls

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Orchid's Designs Logo

We've got some exciting updates here at Orchid's Designs! 

First of all, I got my act together and designed an official logo for my doll haute-couture brand. Inspired by our namesake and the precious dolls we design for, here it is!

And then we created our digital "business card", made complete with the new logo:

We've got some upcoming collaborations with doll-maker Lightpainted Doll to share soon, as well as working very hard on our new range of couture for the gorgeous line of LE resin Enchanted Dolls. They'll be introduced in an upcoming post. We've also been working on a wonderful website, to showcase our designs - to be launched soon!