Saturday, January 18, 2014

Enchanted Pastel Wigs

During the next few weeks our shop is a little changed. There are several beautiful pastel wig commission slots available to purchase - each is a one-off order, and production will take place sequentially on a first-come first-served basis. These are pre-orders to begin mid-February.

Wigs are for the resin Enchanted Dolls, BJtales Mouse & Pearl, Lightpainted Doll. Popovy dolls please contact me - as production will begin in early March.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dust - Custom Dal

Many things can fall into ruin and over time, turn to dust. Majestic empires, vast cities, exotic beauties, our hopes and dreams. 

But new life can rise up and flourish, transformed and altered, different but no less beautiful.

As this year comes to a close and we welcome the new, it is a time to reflect on changes, gains and losses, things achieved or unachieved. It is a time to let go of the past, bid it a fond or bitter farewell, and turn our shining faces to what is yet to come. It is a time to strengthen resolves, make plans and set goals.

As the old year dissolves into dust and the new year rises up, we introduce our newest custom doll, "Dust".

Dust is a fully customized Dal, built up to fully embody this special character: the spirit of Dust. Her face is carved and modified, sweet lips blushed berry red and tear-ducts for when she hears sad songs. Her make-up has been applied in many layers of artist and shimmering pastels, sealed in-between each layer with MSC. Her eye-chips are pearlescent tawny shades with flickers of gold, to match her heavy golden lids. Her pupils shimmer with dark metallic dust, deep as the night sky.

Dust wears an exclusive OOAK exclusive Orchid's Designs couture garment - tatters of chocolate silk and gauzy shreds, hidden beads and shimmering sequin details. Like all Orchid's Designs couture garments, this gown is made up from pieces sourced from my travels round the world: a chocolate scarf from wild Africa,  silk from a blouse that belonged to a Countess, tapestry thread from a renowned artist in Hungary, trims and laces from Paris, London and Budapest. She wears matching fishnet stockings and gloves edged with tawny trims. Her hair is an extravagant wig made from many hundreds of tiny soft brown feathers, each individually applied to a thin gauze skullcap. She wears tiny lace-up vintage boots by Gotall, sturdy enough to help her find new paths to explore in this great big world.

Lace-up back with tiny copper eyelets