Friday, November 22, 2013

Citrine - Custom Blythe - Available

Citrine - the discoverer of Lost Worlds

Custom Blythe 001 by Orchid's Designs

Garbed in her shining bronze armour, Citrine is a fearless and curious adventurer. The youngest daughter of distant royalty, she shed her life of pampered luxury to go after her heart and instincts... 
wherever they may lead.


Citrine is a custom Blythe by Orchid's Designs - the first for adoption. She is a base SBL Bait, with advanced facial carving to give her a brand new look: extensive nose and mouth work including a full carve-through and carved teeth, philtrum, nostrils and shaped nose; her eyes, forehead and chin have had light sanding-alterations. Her face has been completely painted with artist pastels, watercolours and acrylics to bring her to glowing life. 

Painted with Monika Viktoria's own signature style, Citrine has heavily blushed cheeks, cherry red lips, a rosy nose, and delicate blonde eyebrows elegantly shaped. Her eyes have had special attention paid, with tiny catlike eyeliner and many layers of pastels finely sealed. She has tiny beautyspots dotted over her pretty face, marks of her unique personality. She has two-sets of specially selected stock chips (hazelnut and coral) and two hand-painted metallic chips (Pompeian Red and Golden Tawny), and her eyelids are painted metallic bronze, whilst custom eyelashes fan her pretty eyes. She has been given the sleep-eye adjustment, as well as gaze correction. She has a tiny golden bell and a special brass vintage-style cameo pull-ring featuring a Blythe illustration by Monika Viktoria sealed under liquid resin glaze.

Her hair is her original SBL scalp (NOTE: unfortunately her hair came with a slight fault. A selection of the strands close to her scalp are "frizzed" - they are hidden underneath her helmet when she is fully dressed in her costume. They may be repairable with a professional hair spa, but I do not know. For this reason the price of this doll is significantly lower.)

~ Costume ~
Citrine comes with her special OOAK character costume. A 6-piece ensemble that is completely unique to this doll. Citrine wears: 
~ lace ruffled leotard with seductively low back
~ fishnet and lace socks with cute bows at the back
~ a sturdy pair of Miss Yo vintage-style boots 
~ lace collar ruff lined with tawny ribbon and tiny golden beads
~ Corset frock in my signature "songbirds" style, with lace skirt, beaded hemline, and thin ribbon lace-up
~ Adventurer helmet - entirely covered in bronze sequins and beads, lined throughout in brocade, strings of beads at the back and small chains looping through her cheek-armour-plates.


Citrine is now available for adoption.
$760 USD
(Postage Included WW)

contact: info [at]


For more photographs of Citrine please visit her Facebook album or her Flickr album

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Makies - 3D Printed Doll

I've decided to start up a "doll review" page to my blog, where I will review some of the dolls in my private collection.You can find the tab linking to the reviews on the side-bar, and I'll gradually review all the dolls in my current collection, as well as the inevitable new additions as they arrive :-}

Doll Review - Makes / 3D Printed Doll

A fairly new toy company based right here in London, Makies Dolls are printed using 3D technology, and you design them yourself on their website - you're able to adjust their facial features using sliders (much like on many RPG and in SIMS games, where you can customize the face of your character to personalize the gameplay experience.) Mike and I are both really intrigued by 3D print technology, and are planning to invest in our own one day (think of all the doll shoes and accessories I could create!) so we were eager to find out a bit more. They're quite quirky and have unusual faces, and are of an entirely different aesthetic I am used to in the doll world. However, after seeing a few that were customized by artists to look much sweeter and softer, I was sold. We visited their in-store event at Selfridges, sat down and slid those little sliders around, and put in our order. I've heard of some people spending weeks to months perfecting the design of a doll before they get it printed, however I finished mine in record time - listen to your instincts!

The Makies team is still a very small company, and there was more feedback, help and communication instantly available on their website forum than any other doll company or artist I've dealt with so far. All questions asked on their facebook page, forum and blogs are answered speedily, even after hours and on weekends. As a consumer wringing your hands in anticipation for your doll, this was pleasantly surprising and very refreshing.

My Makie took just under two weeks to be printed and posted. Record time compared to the months I've waited for most BJD. Their price (69GBP) is also favourable to the price of other BJD and Blythe. They arrive in a cardboard tube, with a certificate of authenticity registering their unique printing code - your doll is truly a unique little character, designed by you. 

They look a bit alien when they arrive all blank, but it's up to you to imagine them transformed with a good face-up. Something I found very interesting was how the doll felt - compared to a resin BJD, porcelain art-doll or even the plastic of a Blythe... the Makie doll reminded me of the texture of an eggshell. In Hungary I painted on very sturdy thick goose-eggs, and it reminded me of that. I really liked the surface for blushing, even with coatings of MSC and Clear Gesso, it still felt closer to the absorbent texture of drawing on paper rather than slippery plastic. I preferred this personally.

Here is the blog-post with a brief visual documentation of my blank Makie undergoing her beauty treatment.
I am really happy with how she turned out. She is only the second doll I have customized, and even though it did take an entire day, laboriously layering pastels and watercolours over hours and was worth it :-)

So in conclusion - I highly recommend ordering your own Makie as a wonderful doll to customize. The feature of designing your own face online to create a completely one-off doll is a fantastic feature. The company is fabulous and helpful, I love that they're made right here in London and not a factory in China. The price is very favourable if you're used to spending close to half a grand on a BJD or even several hundred dollars for a Blythe. I think clothing them will be difficult if you're not a seamstress yourself, as the options on the website are limited. However, with their growing popularity I'm sure more people will begin offering custom-made garments to fit them - I certainly will be releasing a special line designed just for Makies in my Etsy Shop shortly!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bronze Songbird

"The songbird, prized for her enchanting and melodic voice is asked to perform again and again, taking listeners to far-away places, breaking hearts with her notes and weaving dreams with her words."

The Bronze Songbird design is a high-waisted skirt-corset with ruffles and decadent trims in varying shades of gold, deep bronze, and chocolate brass. Tiny beads hover round the layered organza skirt, and a matching necklace of beads circles her delicate neck. A lace-up back ensures a skin-tight fit for the resin beauties and ability to adjust for the slightly larger elite porcelain Enchanted Dolls.

The latest couture creation from the House of Orchid's Designs has been hand-crafted to fit the exquisite new limited line of Resin Enchanted Dolls.  A decadent piece with meticulous care to attention, it is sure to suit the style of an elegant beauty.

Available ~

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Makie Transformation

My 3D printed doll that I designed via Makies is ready for her big transformation from laser printed blank doll into the pretty elf I envision. This is not a tutorial per say, but I would like to share her gradual evolution.

I used two separate sealants. Mr Super Clear Matt Spray, and the second is actually Liquitex Clear Gesso. It's what one might use to prime a canvas, or say - wood (if you want the wood-grain to show through.) It's basically Acrylic Polymer Emulsion - it seals and provides a surface tooth for painting on, is permanent, non-yellowing, flexible and water resistant when dry. It's a great ground for pastels, and watercolours too. I used this as the base-coat, and MSC thereafter to seal the face-up and blushing. 

Here is Petal after delicately building up soft pastels and thin washes of watercolour. I decided to blush her body as well, and went for the signature look of my paintings - rosy and pink.

Her feet and hands were meticulously blushed, and she has been given the full princess treatment - miniature French manicure and pedicure. Her palms and the soles of her feet also have been painted.

And here she is all finished. Her name is Petal.
I will be creating one-off couture designs to fit the female Makie dolls, and Petal will be the muse here at Orchid's Designs for the range. I hope you love her!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Seafoam Songbird

Our newest Songbird is a creation from the sea. A masquerade of mint green, pastel shades and warm ivory. For the nereid who sings softly haunting songs that drift away into faint echo's on the breath of the salty wind.

A one-off couture design available in our Etsy
Will fit Resin Enchanted Dolls perfectly.

Monday, November 4, 2013

An Enchanted Gown

A gorgeous commission we had the great pleasure of working on.

Custom Baroque gown in shades of creamy gold and shades of mauve.

Ballerina Fairy Dress Pre-Order

This fantastical frock is for a doll not of this world.... A gauzy gossamer dress with puffs of tulle. Shreds of lace, silk, threads, and beading give an otherworldly aura to this gorgeous gown. 

Each of our Haute Couture designs are one-off, but with the great response I've had for this design, I've decided to make it available in a few different colours - gold, pink, fuchsia, pastels.

Note that this colour edition pre-order will exclusively be limited to a few variations only, each piece exuding its own individuality and character. The gold will be majestic, the pink will be pretty, the Fuchsia will be vibrant with energy and fun, the pastel will be like a spring sunset....

 To place your order, please head to our Etsy Shop.

Blythe Accessories

Alongside our OOAK Dress and Costume designs, we have made a small range of Blythe related accessories available in our Etsy Shop.

Blythe Pull-Rings (or cute Pendants)

Blythe Pouches
 Perfect for storing all those little shoes, hairbands, socks, and other little pieces that can go missing easily.

I also designed them to be perfect purses or cosmetics pouches.

Dolly Fashion Sketchbooks
And of course, still available for order are the Dolly Fashion Sketchbooks - perfect for sketching down new outfit ideas, or for designing customized Blythe/Icy Dolls.

BCUK '13 Blythe Collection

Here are some selected designs from our first collection for Neo and Middie Blythe, previewed at Blythecon UK 2013. 

Each piece was a one-off design, and they will be available until sold-out in our Etsy Shop

Princess Middie Dresses