Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Makie Transformation

My 3D printed doll that I designed via Makies is ready for her big transformation from laser printed blank doll into the pretty elf I envision. This is not a tutorial per say, but I would like to share her gradual evolution.

I used two separate sealants. Mr Super Clear Matt Spray, and the second is actually Liquitex Clear Gesso. It's what one might use to prime a canvas, or say - wood (if you want the wood-grain to show through.) It's basically Acrylic Polymer Emulsion - it seals and provides a surface tooth for painting on, is permanent, non-yellowing, flexible and water resistant when dry. It's a great ground for pastels, and watercolours too. I used this as the base-coat, and MSC thereafter to seal the face-up and blushing. 

Here is Petal after delicately building up soft pastels and thin washes of watercolour. I decided to blush her body as well, and went for the signature look of my paintings - rosy and pink.

Her feet and hands were meticulously blushed, and she has been given the full princess treatment - miniature French manicure and pedicure. Her palms and the soles of her feet also have been painted.

And here she is all finished. Her name is Petal.
I will be creating one-off couture designs to fit the female Makie dolls, and Petal will be the muse here at Orchid's Designs for the range. I hope you love her!

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