Monday, November 4, 2013

Ballerina Fairy Dress Pre-Order

This fantastical frock is for a doll not of this world.... A gauzy gossamer dress with puffs of tulle. Shreds of lace, silk, threads, and beading give an otherworldly aura to this gorgeous gown. 

Each of our Haute Couture designs are one-off, but with the great response I've had for this design, I've decided to make it available in a few different colours - gold, pink, fuchsia, pastels.

Note that this colour edition pre-order will exclusively be limited to a few variations only, each piece exuding its own individuality and character. The gold will be majestic, the pink will be pretty, the Fuchsia will be vibrant with energy and fun, the pastel will be like a spring sunset....

 To place your order, please head to our Etsy Shop.

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