Thursday, May 29, 2014

Enchanted Forest

Remember our special commissioned "Kingfisher" costume ensemble created for Blythecon Barcelona in collaboration with Liquiriziadolly? For the sake of this photoshoot at the time I adjusted the size to fit the exquisite Resin line of Enchanted Dolls, but never did share the fantastical results. 

Not wasting another second, please delight in this glimmering moment captured amongst the willows!

Thanks to Doll Photography for documenting this little wander amongst the willows. 

Full album of photo's can be viewed ~here~

Resin Enchanted Doll
Dressed and Wigged by Orchid's Designs
Location: North London Gardens 
All Photographs © DollPhotography AKA FourFingerPhoto

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

BlytheFest AU: We're Vending!

After fearing we'd missed out on this years Sydney BlytheFest (we mixed up the date) I'm absolutely delighted to have been able to squeeze myself in as a vendor at the last possible minute! 

Now with less than a month to prepare (and we're still reeling from our huge move from London to Sydney just a week ago!) it's frenzied here.... flowers everywhere, laces and silks being dyed with camellia's, roses, avocado's and all sorts of beautiful vividly coloured blooms. We're going to try and get  diorama together for the day, and frantically working on a few very special Blythe customs to fit the floral theme. Rather than go for a retro 70's vibe, we're laying focus on the "flower" part, it'll be all about extravagant floral decadence for us at BlytheFest AU 2014!

Blythefest AU and We-Love-Blythe have been publishing a feature on each of their vendors leading up the event, and here's ours! Enjoy reading, let me know if you're excited, and see you there!

Vendor showcase no.4.

Monika from Orchidsdesigns.

1. Hi can you introduce yourself?

Hello! My name is Monika Viktoria and I run my Haute Doll Couture brand as "Orchid's Designs". I create OOAK gowns and one-off designs for such artist made BJD like Enchanted Dolls, Popovy, & BJTales. I am an illustrator and Fine Artist, and my custom Blythe Doll's are embodiments of my romantic vision and quirky style. Rare fabrics and antique trims sourced from my travels around the world are synonymous with my creations, making sure each piece is spectacular and completely singular. 

After three years abroad in Europe, Africa, Paris and London I have now moved permanently to the Blue Mountains, and I can't wait to meet the Australian Blythe community at the 2014 BlytheFest! See you there!

2. Can you tell us what it is you make and what you will be selling on the day at Blythe Fest?

For this years BlytheFest, Orchid's Designs will be offering a floral fantasia, inspired by blushing blooms and budding gardens, fantasy floral wonderlands. 
Our beautiful fabrics have been dyed naturally with vibrantly coloured flowers, resulting in delicate, softly rosy silks and laces. Vintage velvet millinery flowers and handmade paper roses embellish our designs, which will be exclusively unveiled at the Flower Power BlytheFest in Sydney!

As a special treat, we will be bringing a small LE print run of our popular "Dolly Fashion Sketchbook" for Blythe designers and fashionistas.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kingfisher - The Enchanted Forest

My collaboration Blythe with Liquiriziadolly - Martina the glittering Kingfisher. 

She made her extravagant debut at "The Enchanted Forest" 2014 Blythecon Barcelona and is now available for adoption through Laura.

Contact Laura Liquiriziadolly for more information on Martina the Kingfisher!