Saturday, October 23, 2010

Decadence and Decay

This week I was most delighted to be granted permission to showcase one of our little ensembles (The Unseelie Queen) worn by Miss LK's exquisite doll, Fiori.

This entrancing beauty brings to life a new side of this costume. One of a fearsome wrath and unwavering regality. It is very special to glimpse these new personalities manifest with the individual dolls who then wear these costumes.

Thankyou to Miss LK and her stunning model Fiori!

Her immaculate photography makes me realise how ordinary my photographs look in comparison... hmmm, I will need to make an investment of a high quality camera one of these days. It really highlights the difference good tools and technology will make in representing your work and sharing it with others. I know the pieces are beautiful in real life, but it can be hard to capture their delicacy and individual intricacies digitally!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Smoke and Whispers and Porcelain Dreams

It is nice to see when our little designs go out into the world, and are being appreciated in their new homes.
This dreamy angel is frolicking in her new "Orchid's Design" ensemble, Smoke and Whispers

Thank you to Autumnlyte/TillyMoon for the gracious peek at her new beauty.