Monday, November 9, 2009

Fit for a Decaying Queen - sold

In the spirit of All Hallows Eve, Orchid's Designs brings a spine-chillingly ghoulish ensemble together... fit for an Imperial Queen of the UnderWorld, or for the ghastly at heart!

The delicate lace gown embellished with tiny beads and sequins looks ready to decompose, flowery lace tights are torn at the thigh, and ready to shock any room into silence, the magnificent crown of delicate bones commands fear and awe.

The Unseelie Queen

The Unseelie Queen
Queen of the Undead Bone Crown
Ghastly Apparition Lace Gown
Torn-apart Lace Tights
Silk garter
Ghostly Apparition Ball & Chain

for the ghoulish and ghastly

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