Friday, November 22, 2013

Citrine - Custom Blythe - Available

Citrine - the discoverer of Lost Worlds

Custom Blythe 001 by Orchid's Designs

Garbed in her shining bronze armour, Citrine is a fearless and curious adventurer. The youngest daughter of distant royalty, she shed her life of pampered luxury to go after her heart and instincts... 
wherever they may lead.


Citrine is a custom Blythe by Orchid's Designs - the first for adoption. She is a base SBL Bait, with advanced facial carving to give her a brand new look: extensive nose and mouth work including a full carve-through and carved teeth, philtrum, nostrils and shaped nose; her eyes, forehead and chin have had light sanding-alterations. Her face has been completely painted with artist pastels, watercolours and acrylics to bring her to glowing life. 

Painted with Monika Viktoria's own signature style, Citrine has heavily blushed cheeks, cherry red lips, a rosy nose, and delicate blonde eyebrows elegantly shaped. Her eyes have had special attention paid, with tiny catlike eyeliner and many layers of pastels finely sealed. She has tiny beautyspots dotted over her pretty face, marks of her unique personality. She has two-sets of specially selected stock chips (hazelnut and coral) and two hand-painted metallic chips (Pompeian Red and Golden Tawny), and her eyelids are painted metallic bronze, whilst custom eyelashes fan her pretty eyes. She has been given the sleep-eye adjustment, as well as gaze correction. She has a tiny golden bell and a special brass vintage-style cameo pull-ring featuring a Blythe illustration by Monika Viktoria sealed under liquid resin glaze.

Her hair is her original SBL scalp (NOTE: unfortunately her hair came with a slight fault. A selection of the strands close to her scalp are "frizzed" - they are hidden underneath her helmet when she is fully dressed in her costume. They may be repairable with a professional hair spa, but I do not know. For this reason the price of this doll is significantly lower.)

~ Costume ~
Citrine comes with her special OOAK character costume. A 6-piece ensemble that is completely unique to this doll. Citrine wears: 
~ lace ruffled leotard with seductively low back
~ fishnet and lace socks with cute bows at the back
~ a sturdy pair of Miss Yo vintage-style boots 
~ lace collar ruff lined with tawny ribbon and tiny golden beads
~ Corset frock in my signature "songbirds" style, with lace skirt, beaded hemline, and thin ribbon lace-up
~ Adventurer helmet - entirely covered in bronze sequins and beads, lined throughout in brocade, strings of beads at the back and small chains looping through her cheek-armour-plates.


Citrine is now available for adoption.
$760 USD
(Postage Included WW)

contact: info [at]


For more photographs of Citrine please visit her Facebook album or her Flickr album

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