Friday, December 27, 2013

Orchid's Wigs for Dolls

Introducing a selection of fantasy shades and styles to change the identity of your precious doll. Long blue braids made from mohair roving, wavy Siamese locks, or a short bob made entirely of ivory feathers. A wig can help your doll transform instantly from sweet and shy to loud and daring. 

Made from custom hand dyed Mohair and silky Suri Alpaca (ethically sourced), our wigs are incredibly high quality. Each wig is on a skinny cap that fits the dolls head like a second skin, made with the same techniques as the elite Enchanted Dolls, LightpaintedDolls and BJTales wigs.

Orchid's Designs wigs are available for resin Enchanted Dolls, Makies, BJTales dolls like Mouse and LightpaintedDolls. Custom requests are invited.


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