Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Collection for Lightpainted Doll

Orchid's Designs is delighted to announce our first collaboration! Orchid's Designs and Lightpainted Doll teamed up to bring to life a very limited edition of OOAK costumed dolls, exclusively unveiled at the Time of Dolls exhibition in St. Petersburg May 2013. 

Below are the six unique costumes, each inspired by a part of nature - insects, seasons, weather, elements - modelled by our tiny resin Lightpainted Doll.

Autumn Blaze

The Blue Beetle

La Magnolia

Custard and Cream

Stormy Night

Earth Spirit

It was our utmost pleasure to work on such a wonderful project, and we hope this is just the first for many collaborations with dollmakers to come. Pooling of talents and working together is something I am a big fan on, as are trade's and artistic collaborations - where each artist brings his or her own strength and expertise together to create something new and inspirational. I welcome ideas, commissions, and such collaborative projects!

To view the entire photoshoot please visit our facebook page
To inquire after any of these costumes, or an OOAK costumed doll, contact LightpaintedDoll

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