Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Once Upon a Blythe

Featuring over 30 international doll artists, "Once Upon a Blythe" International exhibition at Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne, Australia will showcase the finest talent in Blythe customisation and artistry, http://www.augusteclown.com/blythe-dolls.html

Opening February 20th, all dolls will be available in person at the show and online. To be added to the special preview mailing list for information and photos, contact the gallery directly at:  info@augusteclown.com


Orchid's Designs is thrilled to be included amongst some of the top names in the Blythe world for this incredible curated show. For our entry we chose to interpret the tale of "Briar Rose" - the sleeping beauty who is cursed to stay in the world of dreams in a crumbling ruin until she is awoken by the kiss of true love. Brambles crawl up her pale legs, threatening to ensconce her forever.
beneath her long flittering lashes, she dreams.....
Briar Rose is a full art custom, painted and blushed with acrylics, artist pastels and sealed with UV and yellowing protectant. Her eyelids feature brambles and roses, hiding her dreams. 
She has 4 pairs of metallic hand-painted eye-chips, and her base doll was Takara official release Chocolate and Spice.
Her pure-neemo body has been modified with a new technique of burr-engraving the plastic, then setting, painting, and sealing. She wears a tattered lace dress of layers of tulle and vintage lace.

Please enjoy the preview photographs of her, until we are able to unveil her official photo series!

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