Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Introducing Ottilia

The latest muse to inspire me here at Orchid’s Designs is the otherworldly Ottilia, made by doll artist Lidia Snull, known as BJTales. This petite waif stands at 27cm tall, whilst her resin clone “Sindy” will be slightly smaller, measuring in at 23cm. The tiny creations I have been sewing for her are all slightly adjustable, and should fit both porcelain variations of the “Ophelia” body sculpt, as well as the resin “Sindy”and "Aerica" dolls.

Seeing as this doll represents a young child, our designs have adjusted in style and taste accordingly, to fit her particular age bracket and character type. Our tiny ensembles made for her try to capture the wonder of innocence, and the spirit of a curious, lively young mind.

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