Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BlytheFest 2014

Blythefest AU was wonderful! I've had a few days to recover, come to terms with all that happened and calm down! I was simply buzzing with excitement on the day, and have to say it was an absolutely fantastic event! I'm sorry I have to wait a whole other year until the next one! 

I had less than a month to prepare, so it's been hectic leading up to the day. Not only were we still reeling from our huge move back to Australia, but then I spent every day frantically sewing and customising to be ready in time. It's been stressful, but I feel it was all definitely worth it!

The Dolly Fashion Sketchbook had a whirlwind day! All our physical copies sold outBlytheFest! 
I am so excited that so many wonderful creative people will be filling up their sketchbooks with gorgeous designs soon! Hopefully our flickr group will soon be abundant with snapshots of the books in use! If you grabbed a copy on the day, feel free to upload your pictures to our group!

We have a few back-up copies left in our Etsy Shop, so if you'd like to grab a copy before the next pre-order, hurry over!

Our beautiful custom Blythe diorama "Garden of Delights" made her debut on the day, and to my immense delight she placed first in the competition! I owe a HUGE thank you to everyone on the day who voted for her, and who admired her, and came and complimented her, it meant so very very much for me! As a reward, she will be available for adoption soon to a lucky home!

I had an utterly fabulous day. I met SO MANY wonderful people, it was so lovely to put faces to names I already loved. It was amazing to get to meet everyone in person!
Of course, I came home with plenty of fantastic goodies!

For more photo's of the day and of course, all the dolls, here are our photo albums:
Facebook - Doll Photography 

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  1. So good to meet you, I ordered some books :)


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