Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bespoke Doll Furniture - Coming Soon!

You know it's true love when he starts making you finely crafted bespoke miniature doll furniture....

My amazing man has begun an endeavour of crafting beautiful doll lounges to custom fit certain dolls in my collection like Enchanted Dolls, Popovy Dolls, Blythe and BJTales dolls. Each piece is different, and I'm delighted with the fine attention to detail and precise perfection he is so meticulously finising - the individual bed slats are all drilled into place with tiny wooden spokes, joins are secured and designed for strength and safety. I'm astounded and couldn't be happier that my dolls will have such elegant and masterfully made furniture to lounge on - the perfect compliment to their tiny haute couture costumes.

Please enjoy this small selection of detail photographs of his process. The good news for you.... we will have some for sale to delight your dolls too!

The first three creations, first coat of primer and undercoat.

Each bed-frame plank is individually drilled, and slotted over tiny wooden spokes.

Creating a weatherboard bed-head.

Each join is drilled through and secured with tiny wooden spokes, not just glued.

Quality workmanship, the joins are not simply glued together, but secured with drilled spokes.

Adding tiny details before we prime, undercoat, then paint the finished pieces.

Keep an eye out on his Doll Photography FB page to see progress, and be the first to hear about when the first range is finished and available!


  1. Oooh, he is really good. What a creative couple you guys are! Keep the pictures coming! :)

  2. very lovely and elegant so can not wait to see the final result ^^


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