Sunday, June 28, 2015


The Traveller
Traditional Nautical tattoo's could be read off the body of a sailor like a symbolic book. Each inked image illustrated a hard earned badge of honour; a swallow for every 5000 miles travelled or a turtle if you'd crossed the equator. For the suspicious, certain symbols represented goodluck talismans; The North Star to keep one on course or guide you home, a spyglass to keep goals in sight, and Marina's lantern serves as a guiding light in dark or uncertain times. Banners and anchors were emblazoned with the names of those who kept you steady, or in this case - words of courage and strength for the lonely traveller. Pinups kept a sailor company, and were sometimes the only companion for months for a sole traveller.

Inspired by Marina's love of vintage illustrated maps and my own shared passion for world travel. "The Traveller" is a fragile being, literally too delicate to live out her namesake, echoing many of our own fears of setting out into the dangerous unknown. She herself becomes an illustrated map: perfect skin engraved with her strengths and fears, her achievements and deepest desires laid out for anyone who meets her on her journey to see.

Further Details
Painted in delicate layers of sealed watercolour on porcelain Enchanted Doll: Fern.

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