Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mousy Outfits

We recently created some incredibly tiny little outfits for the new resin line of BJTales "Mouse". The mice have begun to make their way to their new homes, and it's lovely to see our outfits welcoming them!

We were also just told that our outfits made to fit the resin Sindy, Aerica and porcelain Ophelia sculpts also perfectly fit the new resin line of Aleah BJD by Nefer Kane. We still have a few available "Sindy-sized" outfits available for immediate purchase!


  1. These outfits are gorgeous.....perfect for small mice ;) they bring out their femininity and cuteness !
    Fun to see we ended up in a sort of artistic collaboration without even doing it on purpose ;)

  2. Ama - I THOUGHT that wig looked similar!!!


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