Monday, March 25, 2013

Mouse Couture

At Orchid's Design's we're pleased to begin unveiling our new collection designed for BJTales Mouse. A tiny, quirky creature, full of adventure and spark. Mouse has many sides: from sweet and reclusive, shrouded in lace; to loud and endearing, living the bohemian runaway dream - our designs have aimed to capture this jovial essence in our one-of-a-kind couture and costumes for the resin and porcelain mice by artist Lidia Snull (BJTales.)
 A small collection based on the many faces of Mouse will be slowly unveiled in the coming weeks. We will be proud to present the Circus Mouse, the Attic Mouse,  the Cottage Mouse and the Forest Mouse.

Here is our model, Plum, being readied for the first of many photo shoots.

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