Monday, March 25, 2013

The Mouse Circus

The Bronze Clown

The Bronze Clown
Full of Cheer to make the audience laugh and smile,
the tiny bronze clown is a jovial mouse in her
elaborate ruffled and beaded costume.
She's pretty and sweet, with just enough cheek.


Her one-of-a-kind costume is created and sewn entirely by hand. Gold and bronze coloured trims, lace, ribbons, painted canvas, sequins and beads comprise this creation. The structured corset-dress is sturdy and formed, with a lace-up back. An elaborate peaked hat crowns the outfit, making this mouse the centre of attention on any bustling stage. It is a heavy piece, but will fit snugly over the un-wigged head of resin BJTales Mouse, Pearl and Asrai.

Please enjoy the show, as the tiny Bronze Clown shows off this special piece.

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