Thursday, March 20, 2014

Corpse Bride - Part One

The Tragic Tale of the Corpse Bride
Part ONE

A dear little bride, dressed in her grandmother's wedding gown, awaits her true love. She feels beautiful in her long antique dress with soft train, lace-topped bodice and delicate vintage lace straps slipping off her frail shoulders, layers of soft white tulle petticoats and the softest double tulle veil complete with floral crown. Her soft strawberry-platinum curls frame her delicate face, hidden beneath the snowy veil.

The minutes tick painfully by, turning to hours. Her heart is like a nervous bird, fluttering against the cage bars bursting to come out. Where could her love be?

But this poor little bride, blushing with anticipation and hope, though she waits and waits, her love does not come. Weakened with despair and fatigue, she is aching through all her tiny bones. Billows of silk and tulle flutter up around her as she collapses to the floor.

Slowly her roses wilt, her dress crumples and wrinkles, dust settles in the room around her... she can barely move she is so weak. Her heart and mind know no console. Her heart is broken.


Photo Story Features:
Porcelain OOAK Ophelia-doll by BJTales - "Ottilia"
Commissioned 3-piece Costume by Orchid's Designs

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