Thursday, March 20, 2014

Corpse bride - Part Two

The Tragic Tale of the Corpse Bride
(...continued from PART ONE)

Heartbroken and inconsolable, the bride flees to the cemetery, she can think of no other reason her love would not appear but for the worst. She collapses, her energy gone, her spirit crushed and broken, and her life evaporates like morning fog, leaving her translucent thin husk among the sorrows of cold stones spotted in moss and lichen.

Vines and ivy clamber over her tiny abandoned form...

Stone angels cradle her fragile spirit for as long as they can, begging her soul to return...

Time prevails, and her broken frame fades to soft light, a restless spirit who wanders between the graves, waiting for all eternity for her love who never appeared on their wedding day... On foggy mornings and at the melancholy hour of twilight, she is said to appear, softly calling, her frail voice breaking over the words: 
"My life... my love... my love..."


Photo Story Features
Porcelain OOAk doll Ophelia by BJTales: Ottilia in the role of the Bride
Special commissioned three-piece costume by the House of Orchid's Designs:
   -Wedding gown turned Funeral shift
   -Layered tattered tulle petticoat
   -Tulle veil and floral crown
Set in the East Finchley Cemetery

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