Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ghostly Ballerina Fairy

The ghostly Fairy Ballerina takes her place on the dusty stage each night, though the theatre has stood crumbling and abandoned for years. She twirls and leaps, skips and hops, pirouetting to the empty audience, spiders and rodents appreciating her lonely dance with tiny beady black eyes and inquisitive twitching whiskers. No grand orchestra accompanies her solitary dance, yet the music plays loud in her ears, echoing like the beating of a heart... she takes her bow at the end, to a silent applause alive and grand in her delicate memory. 

Gossamer organza dress in pearlescent oyster shades. Puffs of tulle and silk, shredded lace and threads dotted with tiny glass beads whispering along the hem and neckline. Two miniature eyelets close with a pink cord at the back-waist, leaving a dropped open back to this elegant theatre frock.

To fit the beautiful BJTales dolls by Lidia Snull including: Alyona, Aericia, Phantom.

Ghostly Fairy Ballerina Frock

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