Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ragged Blossom

A new design from the House of Miss Orchid. A tiny frock reminiscent of those delicate blossoms tumbled about by wind and rain, pitiful compared to the fresh new blooms, but still beautiful to eyes that can appreciate.

Layers of hand-dyed petals are crowned with a delicate backless bodice. A heavily beaded bust and waistline, with deliberate raw edges and purpose fraying.  The back features silk ribbon straps that cross over once and tie in a neat little bow at the base of your dolls back.

"Ragged Blossom" will fit porcelain "Ophelia" variations by BJTales, as well as resin sculpts: Sindy, Aerica, Phantom. Other slim BJD's around 27cm in height such as Aleah by Nefer Kane will also be perfect candidates for this sweet little frock.


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