Friday, February 21, 2014

Champagne Songbird

The songbird, prized for her enchanting and melodic voice is asked to perform again and again, taking listeners to far-away places, breaking hearts with her notes and weaving dreams with her words.

The latest couture creation from the House of Orchid's Designs has been hand-crafted to fit the exquisite new limited line of Resin Enchanted Dolls.

The Champagne Songbird design is a high-waisted skirt-corset with ruffles and decadent trims in varying shades of gold, ivory, and creams. Ivory lace is formed over a hand-painted stiff canvas structure, a matching necklace of beads circles her delicate neck.
A lace-up back ensures a skin-tight fit for the resin beauties, tiny beads decorating every aspect of this glorious corset.

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