Sunday, February 23, 2014

Royal Songbird

The Songbird, prized for her melodic singing voice, is hosted in her gilded cage, decked with rare jewels at the Royal Palace. Here she sings for Kings and Queens, for babe's who will rule vast lands. She sings in her golden voice of lands yet to discover, or foreign castle's, and sometimes she sings of the freedom she's long forgotten.

One of our most detailed Songbird Corsets so far - satin brocade in cream and caramel shades of gold, paired wit imperial purple organza. The front features strings of cascading beads paired with a matching necklace, accented by a delicate gold-trimmed bow. Trims in honey and golden hue's accented hemline's and the spine, laced together with a delicate custard-coloured 1mm ribbon. 

Truly an extravagant and elegant piece for these highly sought after elite art-dolls.

The Royal Songbird is created to fit the beautiful and highly limited line of Resin Enchanted Dolls.

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