Friday, July 17, 2015

Her foxy business.....

Her foxy business and personal effects
-Started as Neo Blythe with Simply Delight Scalp
-Carved faceplate with adjusted lips, philtrum, nose and eyes
-New eye-chips, sleep-eye and gaze adjustment
-Orchid Makeover: artist face-up and body-blushing, sealed
-Articulated body replacement with 3 pairs of hands
-OOAK beaded Kimono embroidered with "Kitsune" (Kanji) and 9 fox tails
-Kanzashi pin and hairclips, thematic pull-rings
-Beaded boudoir cushions

Kitsune will come with embellished cushions and several kanzashi hair pins complete with beads and tassels. I've used the oak-leaf and 4-leaf clover motif throughout her costume as well. 

Her extra sets of hands means she is quite expressive, ready to partake in mysterious fox dances.

Her long kimono sleeves are beaded, and she has several blood red inner sleeves peeking through, symbolic of her desirability. Red collars, sleeves and linings are often used in the young Maiko's formal attire to enhance their beauty and youth. Of course, Kitsune Dakiniken is actually a very old and wise fox spirit, there are 9 fox-tails embroidered on the back of her kimono. Only the oldest and wisest fox spirits appear with 9 tails. 

Interested persons may email the gallery to join the show preview at The preview will go out a few days before the exhibition opens.
Opening Night will be on Friday 7th August, 6pm – 8pm at Auguste Clown Gallery, 52 Johnston Street Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia. Free entry, champagne provided. The exhibition is on view from 7th August – 23rd August.

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