Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kitsune - Design

Thought I'd share some information about how I went about designing Kitsune - my fox spirit for the 2015 Auguste Clown Gallery "Fairies and Folklore" Blythe exhibition.

I always start with my Dolly Fashion Sketchbook for a custom doll. I'm able to map out colour-scheme, collect fabric swatches, start planning out her custom eye-chips and eyelids. I write notes about which base doll would be appropriate, jot down inspirations, and if I need to source anything in particular I pop those down in the "notes" section. 

Then I sketch out how I envision the doll. 
This gives me a great place to reference back to whilst I am carving and painting the doll, or whilst working on her costume so I have it all in front of me and in my mind to remember the character and mood I want to portray.

It's always nice to see how the final doll evolves slightly from the first sketch. She grows into her own unique little character, full of personality and soul.

Thanks for Reading!

Interested in the Dolly Fashion Sketchbook? 

You can get your own copy ~here~

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