Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fairies and Folklore Exhibition

The second International Blythe customiser exhibition is on soon at Auguste Clown Gallery, and Orchid's Designs is delighted to be submitting a OOAK Blythe once again!

My doll has been finished, and this was her story...


According to Japanese folklore, Kitsune are foxes that have the ability to turn into beautiful young women, possessing magical abilities that increase with age and wisdom. They are often mischievous, tricking men and attempting to seduce them - sometimes for mere mischief, sometimes to consume their bodies and spirits.  

Interested persons may email the gallery to join the show preview at  The preview will go out a few days before the exhibition opens.
Opening Night will be on Friday 7th August, 6pm – 8pm at Auguste Clown Gallery, 52 Johnston Street Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia. Free entry, champagne provided. The exhibition is on view from 7th August – 23rd August.

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