Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kitsune - In Progress

Some of the In Progress photo's I took of Kitsune as she was coming along...
Please enjoy her progress from carved face-shell to a cheeky fox spirit!

I chose a mischievous smile for her cherry-lips, and red stage makeup as a subtle reference to that of the Maiko, she has fox-like shading for her nose as I always enjoyed the belief if you see a girl in Japan with sharp elongated features and clever eyes, she may be a Kitsune in disguise... 
Her skin has several dusted layers of shimmering white to give her an otherworldly pale look, and a sprinkling of iridescent freckles.
Her back-plate features the Kitsune mask of the NOH Theatre, my signature and her No#


I used a traditional Kimono pattern with crushed organza in a shimmering myriad of flame orange shot through with golden threads. She has several deep blood red sleeves lining, beading down the long sleeves (the type worn by unmarried young women) and 9 fox-tails embroidered on the back - the symbol of the most powerful and old of fox spirits. Embroidered in gold is the Kanji symbol for "Kitsune". She comes with three sets of hands, in expressive poses and little fox "paws".

Her full photoshoot and story soon...

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