Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BlytheCon UK

At Orchid's Designs we have a new doll-obsession. Blythe. It's all about Blythe here in the studio - we've got Blythe patterns fluttering about, we're browsing tiny detailed leather boots and bags, our design-sketchbook is filling up with frothy ideas covered in frills and laces. It's Blythe-Crazy at the House of Orchid now!

To cement our new obsession, we've signed up as a Vendor for the 2013 UK Blythecon. Maybe next year we can get in to the European one (or hey, the Australian one, depending on which continent we happen to be on ;-)

With only a few short months till Blythecon UK, this is what our studio looks like every day
But of course, we haven't introduced our new muse.... here she is. An original SBL Blythe with the most gorgeous fuchsia hair. Notice her exotic eye-shape typical of SBL sculpts - what a mysterious little bird!

But it's no pain - no gain as they say, and we decided our gorgeous new darling was in need of a fabulous new look to properly make her début into the Blythe fashion world. We've sent her off to get her pretty face sanded and carved into an even prettier face by an incredible doll artist. We can't wait to show you her progress and new look... but for now it's all hush-hush whilst she undergoes her life-changing plastic surgery!

Stay up to date with Orchid's Designs début into the Blythe world of Fashion both here, and of course on our facebook page, where I update important news almost straight away. Her own special section on our website will also shortly be added... one we finish some gorgeous new corsets and frocks.

Kiss-kiss fashionistas, till next time!

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