Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Custom Blythe Portraits

Something new I am offering for interested Blythe fans, collectors, customizers, owners and obsessives... a custom portrait painted in my personal illustrative style of their Blythe Doll of choice. 
Perfect for an artist who has sold one of their favourite customs, or a collector wishing to pay tribute to a cherished member of their doll-family.

* * *

Here is "Cookie" - originally a beautiful customized Blythe Doll by the incredibly talented Karolin Felix.

I am a huge fan of Karolin's style and doll-art anyway, so this was a wonderful project to work on, it was lovely to interpret this sweet character in my own style.

And the original "Cookie" who inspired the painting with her golden honey complexion...

(photograph courtesy Karolin)

For anyone interested in a similar custom illustrated portrait, please drop an email to: info (at) and include the word orchid or custom illustration in the subject title please.

Our ETSY Boutique should have a similar custom listing available soon.

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